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The world’s fixation for the breakout reality star has a lucrative brand sponsorship agreement across Instagram. The reality star, which transforms television’s reputation into an opportunity to make off-screen money making opportunities is not a new phenomenon, but the growth of social media, an increase in “influencers”, and the ability to generate significant revenue from Instagram become reality. Instagram provides participants in bachelor’s and other reality programs with the means to translate impressions from the program into social media footprints and ongoing impressions.

How much Instagram’s top reality star can earn?

Our forecast has a fixed annual average of nearly $ 1 million. In a brand-sponsored deal on Instagram, how top reality television stars can achieve far exceeding $ 1 million per year,what percentage of their Instagram posts are sponsored, the brands working with reality TV stars.

The popularity of Instagram and its 800 million active users per month (with more than 60% daily active users) are creating new entertainers who have the influence of social media. As a result, the top influencers of social media, known as “Instagrammers,” “YouTubers,” or Facebook power users, have amassed hundreds of thousands to millions of followers by sharing relevant and ambitious photo and video content and interacting regularly with fans. This, in turn, is attracting hundreds of thousands to millions of followers.

The brand pays for to Instagrammer or YouTuber, also known as social media influencers $ 1 billion in 2018 to reach an influencers’ audience on social media.

Realized by the fame of television, social media savvy stars can reach hundreds of thousands of followers, if not millions, in a relatively short period of time. As a result of the popularity and growing popularity of viewers on Instagram, brands are eager to pay top reality television stars to promote products and services on each television stars’ Instagram channel.


System of Earning by Reality TV Celebrities on Instagram

In order to calculate how much a reality TV star can earn Instagram in a year, we track some trendings and popular stars for a month, and specific posts are

1) Definitely sponsored (i.e. proper FTC disclosure of sponsored social media posts)

2) Possibility of sponsoring (i.e., indicating the salient features of the brand in postings and descriptions without using #ad or other FTC disclosure compliance) and

3) Not sponsoring.

The speed at which Instagram posts are sponsored depends largely on a variety of factors, including number of followers, engagement rate, likes and more. Therefore, we calculated how much reality TV stars can make on Instagram by specifying speeds of low ($ 5,000), medium ($ 10,000), and high ($ 15,000) per sponsored post.

The average tracked best reality television star posted 7 to 8 (~ 7.4) clear sponsor posts (appropriately exposed sponsor brands) per month. Low-cost single sponsored Instagram post rates ($ 5K) allow top reality television stars to make $ 37,000 for a month and a total of $ 444,000 in a year on Instagram.

Beyond Sponsor rate (also using 7.4 for the number of confirmed sponsored posts), Top Reality Television Stars may be making $ 888k to $1.33 million per year for mid ($ 1ok) and High ($ 15k) for each post fee.

Predictions were made according to the monthly rate 7.4 of sponsored posts, but the actual number could be higher.  Moreover, the sponsorship revenue of reality TV stars is even greater on Instagram. There are also many other ways to monetize Instagram. In addition to influential brand sponsored posts, such as writing blog content, posting to prize host stories, and more.

Of the reality TV stars we tracked, nearly 28% of their monthly Instagram posts are reliably sponsored in the range of 11% to almost 38%.


Does INSTAGRAM CASH-COW lack real TV stars?

The airtime of a reality TV star may be relatively short-lived, but it may go a little longer for stars who are turning Instagram’s and followers’ reputations, especially television’s, into a fun social media presence, or making an viable business using online viewers.

Social media continues to evolve new features, trends, and algorithms that support the most influential and engaging content of creators. As one of the fastest growing and most effective advertising channels, influencer marketing has grown dramatically with the increase of smartphone users and the increase the spent time on social media.

Right now, the reality TV star seems to use Instagram’s fame and making six to seven figures a year.


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