Instagram is the fourth most popular and used social media platform of the modern era. As per the statistics there are almost 1.22 billion of users active on Instagram monthly.

In addition to this, we can say that Instagram is that social media networking app that includes so much more than just uploading and liking photographs, which may be one of the key reasons for its meteoric rise in popularity.

Hence, this can be one of the major path leading to the question of why Instagram is so popular.

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And if you are also curious to know the reasons behind why Instagram is so popular. Then you have landed at the right article. Keep reading to know the answer.

User Friendly.

To begin we have to accept the fact that Instagram is not like any other social media platform.

It has quite a user friendly and easy to use interface which is itself a core point to defend your question why Instagram is so popular.

The user interface is engaging, appealing, and simple to understand. Because our eyes are so used to seeing the ‘good material’ on these applications, it may not seem like a huge deal to some but for many it is.

This is one of the many reasons of why Instagram is so popular among every age group of users.

A Social and Business Channel.

You must be aware that Instagram offers a feature that allows users to follow and be followed, allowing their followers to view their profile, connect with their posts, and even buy Instagram Followers. 

By leaving comments and enjoying photos, one may build a relaxed social community and a welcoming environment.

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Instagram also provides a forum for small business owners to market their products to an online audience. For marketing and client acquisition, many home-based businesses rely on Instagram. 

Apart from this, Instagram when compared to its contemporaries, is the only application that allows users to experience popularity in a beneficial way. It has provided a platform for its users to earn rapid and convenient popularity among other users.

Though its integration with Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms has provided individuals a larger platform to demonstrate their products, talents and skills. Hence, justifying why Instagram is so popular.

From Drab to Stunning

Talking about why Instagram is so popular. And not mentioning its filters. Weird, isn’t it. 

Instagram is all about its distinctive filter collection. It has the most innovative, stylish, and practical filters. 

There’s no need for a novice photographer to be concerned about white balance or saturation levels. You have so many moods in the filter that you don’t even need to use the TOOLS occasionally.

And moreover, there are several apps out there in the market to add to the inbuilt filters. But trust me, there is no other app at the level of Instagram. It is the only app that has variety of professional filters available and can assist you in editing pictures like a pro.

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Crappy to Crispy

The main brand value of Instagram is the usage of hashtags. Without #instagood, #instantinsta, and #igrammers, we cannot even imagine Instagram without them.

Furthermore, only Instagram is following the trend of making hashtags omnipresent. Long captions were severely reduced to one-liners accompanied by hashtags.

At some point of time it even became a trend that users structured their captions or sentences without spaces. For instance, #havingsomuchfunwithmyBFFs. Even if your article was lengthy, the hashtags provided at the conclusion effectively summarized the content.

And according to survey it also has been proven that longer hashtags typically include between 21 and 25 characters, and they do better than shorter tags.

Fulfillment of Human Desires

Instagram definitely satisfies the ‘desires’ of humans, and not their ‘needs. ‘And also withstand with its reputation and vindicating your curiosity of why Instagram is so popular. 

The human urge for massive attention is being met.And for your further satisfaction we would like to suggest you to purchase Instagram story views. Its feature of quick uploads has made it simple for individuals to connect and receive likes, to look attractive with filters, and to share their experiences using photo maps.

Last but not the least we have to give credit to Instagram, who has nailed the needs of the new “Selfie” generation and is going to great lengths to please them.


In the end I just want to share that the trend of social media, including Instagram, is sticking to the younger generation, but older generations are joining the movement with the same passion.

According to Last year, the number of 55 to 64 year old males using Instagram grew by 63.6%. So, yes, it is a place where the kids are hanging out, but do not discount the fact that you can find other generations represented here too.

We hope that the reasons we have gathered are enough for you to learn why Instagram is so popular. Do not forget to share your precious feedback with us