Do you have a passion for acting or dubbing short and engaging videos and want your content to be viewed publicly? Then TikTok is the perfect platform for you to show off your looks and skills!

Tiktok, with one billion active users monthly, has now become an exceptionally popular site worldwide, especially among millennials.

If you wish to go viral with your fashion, acting, dubbing, or dancing skills, want to become a public figure, and get all the attention on the internet, then getting more views on your TikTok may be the simplest way to get it all done!

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But before anything else, you need to get all your eyes on your videos which is quite easy if you know the hidden hacks!

In this article, I will be discussing some pro tips and tricks to get more views on your TikTok videos which would lead you to the world of fame! So, stay in the loop!

TikTok is a way to reach the ‘for you’ page and thus increase the organic growth of your audience. which one? Well, get a visit flow in your videos. When your TikTok videos are viewed more, it has a very positive effect on the platform’s algorithms. And you can increase the number of visits, it’s up to you.

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Tip#1: Get featured on the “For You” Page:

The FYP on TikTok is the home page where the viral videos are usually available. Reaching this page should be your ultimate goal in order to get maximum views

Tiktok uses a curation algorithm to display all the engaging, viral, most enjoyed and highly viewed content on their home page or FYP from where the tiktokers get a chance to get their videos watched by much more people which helps them gain popularity and gradually, viewers.

However, in order to reach the FYP, you need to ensure that it is fully optimized. This may be done by adding hashtags, using keywords, being consistent, and creating trendy content

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TIP#2: Increase Engagement:

It is crucial to engage with application users and tiktokers, mainly from the same niche, in order to know your target viewers as well as your competitors

You may do so by building a relationship with the tiktokers from your niche. For instance, if you do lip syncing, find other users who do the same thing and build a strong network of your own. You may comment or like on their videos or simply engage with them through messages!

This could result in more likes, comments, and shares on your TikTok videos, which is highly effective strategy to raise your profile with the algorithm and get more views for your material.

Even if this is not working you should straightforwardly buy TikTok followers.

TIP#3: Make trendy videos 

It’s 2022 and you’re still not creative? Then it’s time to change!

To get the highest possible views on Tiktok, the hack is to make sure your content is trending!

For this very purpose, you need to record and upload your videos with best or most viral visuals and trending tiktok music/sound

According to a few tiktokers, adding a viral tiktok sound to your video doubles the chances of your content to become popular and reach the explore page. This is how the tiktok algorithm works! Simple and amazing at the same time, isn’t it?

However, make sure you keep yourself well updated with the tricks, trend and fashion as it changes quite quickly!

Tip#4: Make sure your videos are short and engaging:

It is preferred to make short videos on Tiktok as they are viewed by a lot of people considering the length!

Make sure you cover educational niche, as well as such valuable and interesting content, would increase your chances of getting higher views. One of the most important hacks to keep your tiktok viewers is gaining their attention within a time span of three seconds!

These three seconds are highly critical for you so make sure you keep your content minimum yet praiseworthy!

Side Hack: Do not forget to add hashtags and keywords to your captions for the best results!

Tip#5: Cross Promotion:

If you use social media frequently, you must have seen TikTok videos on various applications such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat

This is known as cross-promotion, and it helps to boost tiktok content and get all eyes on your content

It also helps to build your recognition as a tiktoker. If people know about you, they will be willing to watch your videos as well!

Note: Always remember the second your video is played, the view is counted! This is the beauty of Tiktok!


It’s all about trial and error in tiktok, the key is to stay consistent throughout. By following each of the above mentioned hacks carefully, you will be gradually see a significant impact on your number of views. Tiktok is quite versatile with a niche of all kinds, just identify yours and with the help of your extra ordinary skills, shine through!